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We are located 300 meters above sea level, on the crest of the hill that acts as a watershed for the vineyards, divided on two opposite sides.
To the north, facing the metalliferous hills, and to the south, facing the Mediterranean sea and the Tuscan Archipelago.
Each parcel has characteristic variables with respect to soil composition, microclimate, exposure, orientation of the rows and biodiversity. Near the crest of the hill, the soils have a strong skeletal component. As the altitude decreases, the levels of sand, clay and silt increase. We therefore carry out different types of processing and interventions in green, according to needs. Each parcel is then harvested and vinified separately.


A. Vigna Poggiocastello

0.94 hectares, Sangiovese and Vermentino. Age of vines: 10 years. North-West exposure. Slight slope. Loamy-sandy soil. Total limestone absent.


E. Vigna Nuova al Mare

1.2 hectares. Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Age of vines: 10 years. South-West exposure. Soil with a sandy matrix with a silty component. High slope. Sand 38%, silt 45%, clay 17%. High CsC. Slightly calcareous.


B. Vigna Giropoggio

0.83 hectares. Vermentino Corsican clone and Aleatico in the central part. Age of vines: 4 years. The particular giropoggio orientation follows the natural course of the hill, the exposure therefore evolves from North-East to North. Stony soil, with a strong component of clayey shale.


F. Vigna del Belvedere

0.5 + 0.2 hectares. Corsican Vermentino and Aleatico dell'Elba, same clones of the parcel facing north. Age of vines: 3 years. South-West exposure. High slope.



C. Vigna ai Maiali

0.76 hectares. Sangiovese and Aleatico. Age of vines: 14 years. Light soil, with a strong component of coarse-grained skeleton. North-West exposure.

G. Vigna Vecchia al Mare

0.85 hectares. Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Age of vines: 18 years. 45% sand, 35% silt, 20% clay. High cation exchange capacity. Slight slope.


D. Vigna alla Sughera

0.75 hectares. Sangiovese. Age of vines: 18 years. Clayey-silty soil. North-East exposure. Average slope.

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