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Our agricultural thinking

Luigi Veronelli said: -to understand a wine you have to "walk the vineyards", breathe the cellars, touch the earth, know the stories of those who make it.


Our project stems from a desire to protect the part of the land we are cultivating. We, as humans, belong to the earth, but the earth does not belong to us. The land is a precoius asset, without which we could not exist. We feel the duty to protect it, in order to cultivate life. We perceive the importance of existing and coexisting with deep and unknown aspects of existence and nature in its essence. In this approach, our goal is to express the part of the territory we take care of through wine. Thus, the agricultural act does not become just a simple mechanical action, but an act of awareness that involves the landscape, the ecosystem, the health of the earth and of human beings and the climate, with the aim of creating an elaborate, the wine , which encompasses all these elements. This is our idea of ​​wine.


Dialogue with the vineyard

Each agricultural season allows us to acquire new awareness.

Nothing in nature repeats itself equally.

We seek a continuous compromise between the agricultural act and the life of the soil.

We use creativity, understood as the ability to find solutions to problems, to experiment with new practices relating to the soil and vineyard management.

Observation plays a fundamental role in promoting actions that are repeated or that change over the years.

We feel that our agricultural work is in the midst of something bigger and more mysterious.

Ours is therefore an overall vision where we try to feel part of a whole.

Our approach therefore wants to be aimed at an intervention that aims at the life of the soil and consequently at the proper functioning of the immune system of the plants.

We believe that biodynamic preparations are a valid aid to the soil to bring vitality, each year put to the test by a monoculture aimed at grape harvesting.

We believe in the concept of land conservation to leave it alive for future generations.

Any reference to agricultural practices can be consulted on the technical sheet of each wine.


Vinification of the territory

In the cellar we leave the musts free to express themselves through indigenous yeasts. The fermentation of the individual micro-parcels occurs spontaneously, the wines are helped through manual pumping over or punching down. We do not use oenological additives with the exception of sulfur. To make wines stable and clean,
we prefer to exploit physics. Our goal is to fully express our precious territory.



Close Up of Corn Field


In 2018 we planted about 1.5 hectares of Vermentino, a Corsican clone, divided in two small plot. One is facing North, the second one is facing South. In these two parcels of land we immediately started experimenting with homeodynamics, without using copper and sulfur, but only with homeopathic preparations. We will try to understand the plant's immune response over time.

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